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Anyone who knows Neil and I can tell you that we love to talk about the work we do! So let us inspire an audience at your next event. We're happy to tailor a presentation to your specific needs or to present one of the following talks:

Stems and Stones: A Love Story 

Do you love the look of natural stone but you’re not sure how to use it in your landscape? Do your planted beds seem to be lacking something but you just can’t put your finger on it? Then maybe you need a dose of good, old-fashioned inspiration!  Join Neil and I for a lively discussion about the mysteries of working with stone Neil and Samantha During ConstructionNeil and Samantha During Constructionand how plants are the finishing detail to every hardscape. We'll share humorous stories of working together as husband and wife while showing samples of our award-winning work. Neil’s discussion about the history of stone, understanding quality craftsmanship, and ways to think outside the box will leave you ready to stack any stone you can get your hands on. My enthusiastic knowledge of plants and determination to put them next to all of Neil’s stone creations will illustrate the beautiful combinations that can be created when these materials come together to tell their own love story!

The i-Factor: Defining Yourself In the Garden 

Tired of seeing the same old plants in your yard? Bored by the hardscape materials that everyone else is using?  Are you ready to add your own personal A Unique Focal PointA Unique Focal Point style to your landscape? Then join Samantha for this energizing presentation that focuses on ways that homeowners can bring individuality and artistic thought to their residential landscapes. From small to large projects, this presentation explores unique uses of stone, plants, water, and found objects. A true believer in "breaking the rules," let Samantha treat you to ideas that push boundaries and inspire creativity.

Saving the World in Your Own Backyard: Easy Tips to Make a Difference 

Climate change, water pollution, species extinctionThreatened Monarch Butterfly on MilkweedThreatened Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed. These are all real problems that are threatening the natural world around us. With environmental problems of this scale, it can feel like a daunting task to try and make a difference. But what if there were simple things that you could do, in your own backyard, to make a positive impact? Join Samantha Best for an informative and entertaining presentation that covers realistic ideas that every homeowner, gardener, or environmental enthusiast can implement in their own backyard to make a big world difference.  

Stone Building Workshop

What's better than a walk in our New England woods, immersing yourself in one of nature’s perfect landscapes, one punctuated by historic stone walls? There’s just something magical about the way these man-made elements weave their way around trees, up rocky hills, and down into wetlands. And if you are like most New Englanders (or even transplants from elsewhere), you’ve probably yearned to have those stone features somewhere in your own landscape. 

Neil Works With Participants to Split StoneNeil Works With Participants to Split Stone Join us for a workshop geared toward all things stone related. From sharing the history of the stone found in the region to demonstrating the tools that shape and cut stone, Neil will guide participants as they learn to shape, stack, and split stone. Tailored to your site and audience, this workshop offers a unique experience to be immersed in the world of stonework. So bring your work boots and your fortitude, and get ready to have an adventure in stone!


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