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Gypsy Moth Mayhem

Gypsy Moth Maheim

Phew! What a year for the gypsy moth. There are tree-covered parts of Rehoboth that have been so severely damaged that you would not even know that it is summer. And I know we are not alone. This nasty pest has been eating everything from pine trees to oaks to maples, and even my rhubarb. In theory, they seem to dislike ashes, sycamores, butternuts, black walnuts, dogwoods and balsams.  However, if food competition…

Me and Chuck, Part 1

Me and Chuck, Part 1

This is the story of sweet girl, her bountiful garden, and the precious critter that stole her heart. Scratch that! This is the story of a working mother who scraped together every possible once of "free" time to till, seed, weed, and water the vegetable garden that she dreamed about over a very long, cold, and dreary winter. It is the story of a ferocious animal (OK, I've been reading too many children's stories), make…