Moongate Complete

The Finished MoongateThe Finished Moongate

We were inspired to build a moongate on this site because of the placement of existing stones. Our client wanted to extend a garden that we had installed a few years earlier and we knew these stones should be a focal point for the design. A Detail Of the MoongateA Detail Of the MoongateAnd of course, with our new "moongate building" skills, we figured this would be the perfect place to build our first residential moongate. In this scenerio, the existing stones act as both a support mechanism and as a foil to the textures of the stone that we brought in. After a few years, the moongate stones will age beautifuly and blend in with the rest of the stone on the site. We are actually hoping that this will be the beginning of being commissioned to build stone sculptures. Neil has been sketching ideas consistently and is ready to start building them!