Our Next Sculpture

ArchBeforeWe are on a roll! We have started our next stone sculpture and we could not be more excited. This vision comes directly from Neil's sketch book. This first image shows  the bed where the sculpure will be placed (on the left side). It will have a tall background of hemlocks to both soften it and give a great backdrop.




Our first challenge was to get 900 lb pieces of granite out of the truck and into place. These granite pieces will form the foundation for eveything else that we are building so they have to be set perfectly. Check out the picture of me in this gallery running the mini-excavator. Yes, I was as nervous as I look.  What can I say? It's not my specialty! At any rate, once the machine work was done, we started to set the upright pieces directly in the ground with a pour of concrete to keep them in place.

The next step will be to set the horizontal pieces of granite in place. I think I'll let Neil run the machine for this part......