So How Do You Split Granite?

Granite Install 01Now this was the fun part. To finalize our work with the granite, we needed to split it to size and slip it into notches that we will make in the upright piece. So here is how it is done. First, we drilled holes into the granite using a hammer drill (kids, don't try this at home). Once the holes were drilled deep enough, we went "old school," placing feather and wedges into these holes.




Using a hammer to pound them down into the holes creates enough pressure to cause the granite to crack and split. This is very cool. You can actually hear the stone crack and then see it splinter. Check out this gallery to see the chain of events! Once the granite was split, we needed to do some chisel work in our notches and then we were able to finally set all the granite in place. The next step will be to build our stone arch.