Back To The South

The Veneer For The Lower Wall Is CompleteThe Veneer For The Lower Wall Is CompleteWe  have been back to our Matunuck project for a couple of weeks now and are making great progress on the next phase of the project, the stonework! As you can see the lower wall has been completed and we are working our way to the top terrace.



The Seating Bench Is CompleteThe Seating Bench Is Complete


Here you'll see the bench that is being built in the top terrace. Instead of letting this corner become a dead space, we designed a built-in bluestone bench. This allows for a permanent seating area and will be a great place to sit when there is a fire going in the fireplace. As you can see, the bluestone sits on granite posts which  tie in beautifully with the existing granite on the site as well as the granite that will be on the fireplace.