Ah, The Romance of It All!

A Nice Sunset Complete With A Demo SawA Nice Sunset Complete With A Demo Saw

So it's a beautiful Saturday in November. The weather is warm (it was about 6o degrees today) and we are enjoying a lovely sunset. Well, sort of! It's yet another Saturday that we are working up until the last moments of daylight to complete this project. There's nothing like cutting bluestone with a demo saw during twilight! So where's the romance you ask? Well, if you look closely at the fireplace, you'll see that Neil built a nook that is just large enough to place a candle.

Pointing JointsPointing Joints




So, since it's almost Saturday night, and I came to work on the project today, we decided to light the candle for amusement and for the photo opportunity. Yes, some couples enjoy sunset with a glass of wine and nice music, we prefer our sunsets with loud cutting tools, dust, and of course candle light!