Are Those Car Jacks, Again?

Finishing The Back Of The FireplaceFinishing The Back Of The FireplaceWe are 98% complete on this phase of the project. Neil is finishing up the stonework on the back side of the fireplace and then we can attach the blustone caps. The caps were fabricated by Astone, Inc. in Johnston, RI and came out perfectly. They are hefty pieces so it will take four people to help manuever them into place. Since the patio has been completed at this point, we don't have the luxury of using a machine, it's all muscle from here!



Although wait a minute, are those the car jacks from our project, "Sunday?" You betcha. I knew they would come in handy again. Since the chimney cap is about 12' off the ground, we moved the staging and slowly were able to move this piece into place. The jacks allowed us to place the piece with precision. The sides of the fireplace also have bluestone caps. These caps were pinned into place and the joiunts were sealed with mortar.