Dewalt, Sponsor Us!

A Shameless Plug For Dewalt Power Tools!A Shameless Plug For Dewalt Power Tools!Ha!Ha!Ha! I could not resist adding in this photo of our Dewalt hammer drills. I'm thinking if word gets out, maybe they could sponsor our display! In all seriousness, we've been splitting granite for what feels like days on end. I can't complain though, the drills are doing the hardest part of the work, and quite well I might add.

Samantha Splitting GraniteSamantha Splitting Granite




On second thought, I probably am complaining to myslef in this photo. Serioulsy, I think it was 5 below with the wind chill today. Ahhh, nothing like working outside in the winter in New England. After seeing this photo, one of our clients recently commented on how dedicated we are. I think crazy is the better word.