More Stone, Really?

We Need More Stone????We Need More Stone????When I look around at our shop and see the piles of stone that we already have, and then hear Neil tell  me we need more stone, I just let out a sigh. Mostly because all I can think is, "How are we going to get all of this to the show, installed, and then removed?" We must have some good karma though because once again, we are blessed with people who are willing to help us out. This year, Scott Grenon, of Grenco, Inc. (excavation, septic, and construction services) will be working with us to get all our materials to the show ( I think I've even talked him into helping put up the wood framing for our structure).  Craig Marciniak of Tranquil Water Gardens has supplied us with the supplies for our water feature (and plenty of good advice) and Central Nurseries has been instrumental in supplying plant material. A big thanks goes out to Briggs Nursery as well for helping us force some of that plant material. Please visit our News page for list of everyone who is helping out.