Where Are The Buds?

Amelachier BudsAmelachier BudsWell, we can only control what we can control, right? I just received word from the greenhouse in New Hampshire who is forcing the majority of our flowering plant material that almost all the plants we chose for the show are NOT producing flower buds. Ummm, the start of the show is two weeks away!  As we normally do, we wanted to push the envelope with the plant selection and knew that this might pose a problem. We just hoped it would not be such a big problem. Looks like we will have to make some substitutions. I'm sure we can make it work, but it's dissappointing to put so much planning into something only to have to change it.

On the positive side, the plants that are being forced at Briggs Nursery are coming along quite nicely. The trick now is to keep them from popping too quickly. Thanks again to Gary Briggs for taking such good care of them!