Happy Valentine's Day!

Neil and Scott Finish Construction Of The RoofNeil and Scott Finish Construction Of The RoofToday was the first day of the flower show set-up and we had everything planned out perfectly. We were to meet at our shop at 7 am where we would load up a 20-ton trailer and 10-wheel dump truck with our 12 palettes of stone. Next we would load up a box truck with additional wood pieces, branches, and pine trees. We had loaded our trucks and trailers yesterday so we were ready. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call at 6:30 am from the driver of the 10-wheeler. Now I was sure that if I answered the phone as cheery as possible, that nothing could possibly be wrong. Not the case. The truck had broken down on the side of the road. PANIC! This meant we had to come up with a Plan B, and quick. 

So Neil and I rushed to the convention center to drop off what we could and prepared for a really long day. But I was sure that the truck would be up and running again (gotta have faith, right?) and an hour later we received a phone call that the truck was on the road again. Hooray!

So, we spent Day 1 unloading all the trucks, building the framing for the house, and beginning the stone work. At 8pm, to our great surprise, we were told by the convention center that we needed to wrap up. What? After several phone calls, we were allowed to stay until 11 pm. This gave us a great start today and forced us to go home and get some sleep!