Day Three - Are We Done Yet?

Kim, Jennie, And Cesar Prepare Plants For PlacementKim, Jennie, And Cesar Prepare Plants For PlacementAfter 4 1/2 hours of sleep and we were ready to start Day 3. At this point we were really regretting the size of our display! Nonetheless, with the help of some amazing friends and crew, we are moving along smoothly. And speaking of crew, the team that runs all the machines, brings in the boulders, mulch, helps unload trucks, and set heavy plants, are fantastic! They are the true "heroes" behind the scenes and without their help and great attitude, we could not have gotten very far. Thanks to Steve, Steve, Ray, Wayne, and everybody else whose names I do not know!

You can see this in particular in this gallery.  Wayne is the resident backhoe operator who was willing to work with us to set the keystone into our heart. A few more crew on board and we were able to set the keystone in place. Now in order to make the heart perfectly stable, we needed to build up buttressing on the sides of the heart to prevent the stones from slipping out of place. We were worried that we would not have the time to do this properly, so we always had a plan B just in case. As it turns out, we  went to Plan B which was to use vines to create the top of the heart. In this application, I prefer the vines, but we hope to see the complete stone heart in someone's landscape someday.