Starting Up Again!

This is our first project of the season. It is literally located in what I am convinced is the rockiest place on earth. This first image is only the beginning of what we have been digging up. 18” diameter holes that are being dug for sonotube placement have turned into 3’ diameter holes because we keep needing to remove giant boulders. This is a test of patience! Nonetheless, this is a very fun project to be working on. The design is truly unique to the homeowners and includes lots of great elements: a custom designed steel entrance gate, a series of circular patios, a pergola, and stunning bubbling urn, and beautiful planting beds. As you look through these images, notice the image of the broken-up existing wall. It was built on dirt and backfilled with dirt. That’s a “no, no” as it’s not structural at all. We are replacing it with a wall that better fits into the space, is more aesthetically pleasing, and is built the correct way.


This project has been completed. Click HERE to see the finished work.