A Challenge

After almost a year of preparation, this DEM permitted plan is finally being built! And what a transformation! Located on one of the most beautiful pieces of property that we have had the pleasure to work on, it is quite the challenge. A 15’ grade change, invasive plants galore, and lots of planning and filling out paperwork to get the approvals we needed. This project consists of terracing the slope using boulders (and lots of them), using stone slabs as stairs, and native plantings. On it’s uppermost terrace is a patio with a firepit. It’s an amazing view from this area. The view overlooks the new landscape and ends with a lovely view of an existing pond. Also unique to this project is a cobblestone path that was set by our client’s mother many years ago. The story goes that she brought back the cobblestones from Europe during many trips back and forth. It was imperative to maintain this path and protect it as much as possible. It creates an informal transition between the front and back yards and helps to connect the new with the old.