An Exciting New Project

Elevation Drawing Of The Cottage FacadeElevation Drawing Of The Cottage Facade

While we were building the focal point of  last year's Rhode Island Flower show display, the stone cottage, we kept our fingers crossed that someone would want us to build a real one. Miraculously, at the end of the show, a new client approached us to build a small stone cottage on their property, similiar to our garden display (click HERE to see that display). So, you could say, this project is a "dream come true."

After a year of planning and obtaining the proper permits, we are ready to begin construction. The cottage will be approximatly 17' x 17' and will include a stone facade and pine clapboard on the other three exterior sides. Large picture windows will give our client beautiful views to the surrounding woodland. The addition of a pellet stove will keep the cottage cozy in the fall and winter, a perfect place for relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine. It's late in the season now, so the weather may slow us down, but we have high hopes of finishing this project before the beginning of next spring. Check back often to see our progress.