Boston Flower Show - Awards 2015

Boston Flower Show - Awards 2015

For this year's Boston Flower Show, we decided to do something a little

different....not finish our display!

WaterFeature_BFSWell. Not exactly. We were looking for a way to involve participants and incorporate an educational component to our display. So we decided to build a demonstration garden. The idea was to teach people how to split granite (so cool), shape patio flagging stone, and  demonstrate proper dry wall building techniques. Now keep in mind, this was supposed to be a very simple set up, but (despite my best efforts) Neil does not do "simple" anything when it comes flower shows, so we ended up building a full garden display complete with plantings, custom built birdhouses, and an awesome water feature. The demonstrations went great and we won some nice awards, so I guess sometimes NOT keeping it simple works too!BFS_2015

Awards as follows:

Landscape Design Council of the Garden Club Federation of MA, Inc. Award II

Boston Flower & Garden Show Award for Garden Ornaments